For over a century, craps has been among the most exciting games in the casino industry. Come to think of the most exciting events that occur on a casino floor, and craps rolls will definitely be your answer. This craps guide is developed purposefully to help you understand the ins and the outs of the craps game. Also, visit for more insight into online casino games.

Where Newbie Punters Should BBegin Playing Craps

Practicing craps online enables a player to learn the game quickly and effortlessly. You are probably wondering how you should shoot scraps online, right? Well, as a newbie, it's not proper that you begin risking your hard-earned money before mastering the art of the game. You at least want to be certain that you understand great tips for craps by practicing at free craps casinos.

Ideal online craps sites for casinos for beginners give players an opportunity to practice online craps entirely without paying a dime and for as long as they wish to. Players may also consider taking advantage of the casino bonuses awarded to them upon signing up. All in all, given the craps house edge, it is always advisable that you start for free.

Betting Rules at Online Craps

Take a close look at craps table and you will learn that it is not only characterized by numbers and dice. As a matter of fact, you need to understand the casino's basic betting rules such as come or don't come bets and pass or don't pass bets. The come or don't come bets are only made upon the determination of the point.

If a natural is rolled out, the come bet wins and if the craps is rolled out, the come bet loses. Any point that is rolled out becomes a come-bet point. Upon the making of the point, and before the shooter rolls out the point again, you should patiently hope for 7. The Pass Line bet implies that the shooter will win by rolling out a natural.


Proposition Bets and Place Bets

Proposition bets are generally considered to be sucker bets considering that the house has an unfair edge statistically. Proposition bets are further categorized as Hardway bets, any craps, and seven. Hardway bets are, in essence, not one-roll bets. Betting on a given number the hard way implies that you are predicting that it will come up as a pair before coming up in any other combination.

Place bets, on the other hand, can be made on the 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. When a player makes a place beet, they are betting that a given number will be rolled before the rolling of 7. Place bets primarily put on the layout for the player by the dealer. These bets are made anytime after the come-out roll.

Tipsy Explosions for Punters

There are eight tips that every aspiring craps punter needs to master. The first one is to try as much as possible to avoid systems. secondly, a player should learn to take advantage of the special promotions. Other tips include setting limits; never playing proposition bets; always taking maximum odds on Don't Pass Line and Pass Line bets; playing the Pass Line; understanding the odds; and learning the rules.