We are a group of Tandem Bicycle riders who enjoy riding with other Tandem Bicyclists.
We are not an organized club--there are no membership dues and there is no membership list.

During the winter, many of us plan rides for the following year, sending information by mail or e-mail.
The culmination of these activities is the T-BONE ride schedule, available each year in the spring.

During the rest of the year, WE RIDE!

We ride all around New England, and sometimes beyond. Specific information is in the T-BONE ride schedule.
The ride schedule is available in several ways:

  • From this website (see the Rides page).
  • By e-mail (see the Contacts page).
  • By joining the Tandem Club of America (TCA) (T-BONE rides are listed in the TCA Ride Calendar,
    along with other tandem rides and rallies around the country and the world).

If you have to ask, you haven't ridden a tandem bicycle! They're fast, they're cool, they're friendly,
they make kids smile and pedestrians say, "Hey, s/he's not pedalling!"
Come ride with us!

T-BONE - Tandem Bicyclists of New England

2008 T-BONE Ride Schedule
The T-BONE ride schedule for the 2008 riding season is under construction. Check back soon.

Feel free to add a ride to our schedule! Send the details of your ride to Ted Shwartz,

North Shore Cyclists - September 6 at 9:00 am
Kathy and Joe are scheduled to lead an upcoming North Shore Cyclists Saturday "recurring" ride on September 6 at 9:00 am and would like to invite other tandem teams to join us.

The ride starts from Masconomet High School in Topsfield MA. Details, cues, maps, and directions can be found here: http://www.nscyc.org/rides/Sat2.htm

There are three distance options: 25, 35, and 50. All options are fully arrowed and cue sheets are available on line. They probably won't have enough cue sheets with them, so please print one out before the ride.

Kathy and Joe ride this route regularly and find it to be a nice ride on varying terrain. They are usually the only tandem there and would love to have some other tandems to ride with. Please come and join them.

Note: Membership in NSC is not necessary and all are welcome at this ride or at any other NSC ride.

Also, note that this ride will mix tandems and singles.

They ride with this group nearly exclusively and most of them are familiar with the different pacing of a tandem. Let your comfort level guide you.

Rain will cancel.

"Blind Stoker" Ride - 13 September
New England Regional Ski for Light (NERSFL) is planning a "Blind Stoker" ride in the Arlington, MA area on 13 September. They are looking for captains and tandems for this ride.

Anyone who is interested can contact them at lutefisk_us.at.yahoo.com. (.at. = @)

NERSFL is a non-profit. You can learn more at www.nersfl.org.

The Brita Climate Ride, a five day ride from New York City to Washington DC to promote renewable energy and solutions to global warming, www.climateride.org.

Helmets are mandatory on joint club/T-BONE rides, and recommended for all riders and passengers in trailers).
Disclaimer: Riders may be asked to sign disclaimer forms when participating on joint club/T-BONE rides.
Verify: We recommend that you call the ride sponsors to confirm a ride, especially if the weather is doubtful.
Lunch: Rides may not include places to buy food; we suggest that you carry food for snacks and lunch.
Weekend Events & Centuries: Are usually not tandem exclusive, but have tandem rider participation.
         The Sponsors are usually on a tandem. One-day only riders are welcome at weekend events.
Join Group E-mail: Subscribers will automatically receive e-mail notification of updates to the schedule and
         last minute ride offerings. The site also serves as a vehicle for T-BONE announcements and other tandem
         related subjects. To join the T-BONE email list, send a blank e-mail to with the word
         “subscribe” in the subject.
Schedule suggestions or comments? Contact ride schedule coordinators Ted & Sally Shwartz
         by e-mail at

For general information about T-BONE, contact:

         Ted & Sally Shwartz
         94 Sol-E-Mar Street
         South Dartmouth, MA 02748-3619
         (508) 984-5812

For additions or corrections to the ride schedule, send information to

T-BONE distributes ride schedules, updates, and announcements on this web site and via our e-mail discussion list. To receive ride schedule and updates by e-mail, you may join T-BONE's Yahoogroups discussion list.
To find out more (or join!), see E-Mail List.

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T-BONE has an e-mail list for distribution of the ride schedule and updates, discussion, and general information.

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